There are multiple ways of becoming a part of Folkemødet. There is no entry-fee and if you want to visit Folkemødet as a guest, you can read more about how to get there. If you want to host or co-host events at Folkemødet read more below. Here you'll learn more about the different ways of becoming a Folkemøde-organizer. 

You can host or co-host events at Folkemødet in two different ways: 

Full-time hosting

When you are full-time hosting you are hosting or co-hosting an event location during the entire three-day festival. This way you'll have your own fixed location for the entire festival where you can host events, engage in conversation with guests etc. (We suggest teaming up with one or more organizations to improve your experience and output, while reducing the cost of participating).  

Renting a stall 

Foreningen Folkemødet rents out a number of municipal areas at Folkemødet to organizations, businesses, NGO’s, Parties and associations who wants to set up a tent.  

You need to host at least one event per day each of the three days that the festival is occurring.   

Folkemødet’s secretariat distributes the stalls. In the distribution of locations, the planned events of the organizer will play a key role in the considerations.  

If you want to know more about renting a stall, please contact:

Renting a berth 

Foreningen Folkemødet rents out a number of municipal berths for event boats in Allinge harbour at Folkemødet. Folkemødet’s secretariat distributes the berth. In the distribution of the berths, the activities on the boat, the size of the boat and the overall disposition of the harbour will play a key role in the considerations. 

Since there is not space for everyone who wants a berth, we recommend that you apply for other ways of attending such as a stall.  

If you want to know more about renting a stall, please contact:

Renting a private event location 

You can make agreements with local residents, associations, or companies in Allinge to rent their spaces. This is called a "private event location". These must be approved by Foreningen Folkemødet to become a part of the official program. 

Part-time hosting

You can also attend by part time hosting. This is done by renting an event location on an hourly basis, being invited to co-host events or by borrowing event locations from other organizations. You can also rent a timeslot in one of Folkemødet’s own debate scenes including Folkemødets Fællesscene (translated: Folkemødet’s united scene). At Folkemødets Fællesscene you need to host events that are creative and innovative where the classic panel debate gets challenged. 

You don't need your own location for the entire festival, in order to host events at Folkemødet. Many organisations participate without hosting or co-hosting a location, but are invited to co-host with other organizers, or choose to rent locations for a couple of hours to host one or two events.  

The association behind Folkemødet, Foreningen Folkemødet, can advise you with regard to temporary locations: you can apply for timeslots in Folkemødet’s debate-tents in the festival area, or you can apply for one or more pop-up timeslots. Pop-up event timeslots secures you a 2x2 m outdoor area on the festival grounds. 

Ar you an organization with a lot to say but not that much money you can apply for Folkemødet’s Wildcards. Wildcards are free event slots that Foreningen Folkemødet and a number of partners put at the disposal of voluntary associations and small organizations, who else wouldn’t be able to attend at Folkemødet. We encourage young people between 16 and 30 to apply for Wildcards as a part of our youth initiative Ung Agenda.

Want to sell food at the Folkemødet?

Do you want to enrich the culinary experience at Folkemødet with an exotic food truck, a sustainable food concept, special delicacies, or drinks? Please contact us at 

For further info 
Please contact us if you have further questions or need help signing up for a location or registering events as our registration platform is in Danish.