There are many reasons to visit and participate in Folkemødet; most importantly, because a celebration of democracy needs participants from all of society. Read more about why you should take a trip to Bornholm and Folkemødet. 

What is Folkemødet?

Folkemødet ('The People's Meeting') is a Danish festival for democracy and dialogue. Each year, the festival offers over 2,000 exciting events and attracts up to 65,000 visitors during the three-day festival, located in the small port town Allinge on the island of Bornholm (read more about Bornholm). 

The purpose of Folkemødet is to strengthen our democracy, by bringing people together. Whether you are a politician, lobbyist, businessowner, volunteer or you are an interested citizen. 

Folkemødet is an unique platform for open debate where decision-makers meet citizens.  At Folkemødet we're setting the stage for democratic dialogue. 

There's no entry-fee at Folkemødet, and all of the events are free to participate in. 

Read more about Folkemødet.

Why participate?

There are many reasons to visit and participate in Folkemødet. Whether you represent an organization, a company, a political party or you're an interested citizen, taking part in Folkemødet, it will be an exciting experience. A celebration of democracy depends on participation from all corners of society. 

Reasons to participate: 

As an organization (NGO or IGO)  

Folkemødet is an invaluable space to make your organisation, and the cause you represent, visible in the public debate. It provides you with the opportunity to directly engage with and inform the public through hosting events and taking part in debates where your organisation’s voice should be heard. It gives you the opportunity to come into direct contact with policy makers, and offers a platform for debate and deliberation with them. We strongly recommend you co-host as many events as possible with other organisations, allowing you to strengthen and build your organisation’s network and outreach. 

As a company or business 

Participating in Folkemødet puts you in direct contact with the policy-makers who create the framework in which your business operates, giving you the opportunity to engage and deliberate with them on the specifics of the area you work in. It’s an invaluable platform to increase the visibility of your brand to the public, and to engage with them on the projects your company is working on. 

Through hosting and co-hosting events with other companies and organisations present at Folkemødet, you’ll be able to broaden and build your network, and ensure your brand is present in the workshops, debates and events that pertain to your company’s area of work.  

As an individual 

With over 2,000 events to attend, you can curate your Folkemødet participation both to learn more about the issues that interest you, and participate directly in influencing the discussion through workshops, debates, open-mic stages, themed community dinners (to mention just a few!). 
Combine your visit with some of the free concerts, art installations and meet & greets with elected representatives – all in the beautiful surroundings of Bornholm – and you’ve got an unforgettable experience. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a student looking to learn more about a particular topic (and network with all those potential employers!), a family looking for a weekend with plenty of child-friendly activities, a professional aiming to meet like-minded organisations or a pensioner wanting to come into direct contact with politicians. 

As a politician  

Folkemødet is the perfect place to take your message, policies and vision to the public, and allows for interaction with all parts of the society you are elected to represent. No matter which party you are from or which constituency you represent, Folkemødet promises to be a weekend full of challenging debates, interesting conversations and an opportunity to engage with the public and societal stakeholders in an informal and festive way.