Tuborgfondet and Folkemødet has entered into a partnership that will engage 18.000 young people to participate in Folkemødet towards 2026. The shared ambition is to ensure better representation of the youth and strengthen young voices at Folkemødet. We call it Ung Agenda (translated: Youth Agenda).

The future belongs to the youth and that is why it should be young people who set the agenda. 

Folkemødet is one of the biggest democratic events in Denmark. More than 60.000 citizens and decision-makers attend to discuss our democracy and our society. There is more than 2000 different events that are about everything from the challenges with climate changes to mental health. Young people should set the agenda and decide the direction for our society and democracy. 

Ung Agenda at Folkemødet 2023

Ung Agenda is a project with multiple initiatives:

  • A campingarea, Camp Ung Agenda, for young people between age of 16 and 30, so they can sleep close to Folkemødet.  You can book a spot at Camp Ung Agenda here

  • Cheap packagetours where you can get transportation to and from Folkemødet and a spot at Camp Ung Agenda for 539 kroner. With that young people easily and cheap can attend at Folkemødet. You can book your packagetour here.

  • Young agendas should be a part of the Folkemøde program and you can find a lot of events at Folkemødet organized by young people.

If you have any questions about Ung agenda send an e-mail to 

Fremtidens Stemmer (The voices of the future)

The young organizations Ungdomsbureauet, SAGA and Avilius has, as a part of Ung Agenda, made a collection of young voices, that want to contribute to the democratic conversation at Folkemødet. 

The collection is a service to all the actors at Folkemødet who can use the collection to find young voices that can contribute to their event. 

You can see the collection here.