Read more about finding accomodation during Folkemødet, the official Folkemøde camp sites and food at the festival

During Folkemødet, much of the island's accommodation capacity is rented out, so it can be time-consuming finding a place to stay. The closer to Allinge, where Folkemødet is located, the more difficult it is to find accommodation. But fear not, you can always find somewhere to stay, perhaps by renting a holiday home at the southern end of the island. With only a 40-minute drive from one end of the island to the other, nothing is far away on Bornholm. 

You can contact the offical tourist organization on Bornholm, Destination Bornholm, for further information and assistance with accomodation. 

Folkemøde's Campsites 

The association behind Folkemødet, Foreningen Folkemødet, hosts different campsites during the festival. 


Ungdomscampen is a campsite dedicated to participants under the age of 25. The camp has space for about 3,000 guests, toilets and bathing facilities and a large communal tent where you can buy breakfast and dinner. It is free to stay at this camp, and all you have to do is bring your own tent and sleeping bags. 

You can book a spot on Ungdomscampen here. 


Camp Ung Agenda 

Camp Ung Agenda is Folkemødet’s campsite for people between 16 and 30. Here you can bring your own tent and stay with over 1000’s of other young people.  

At Camp Ung Agenda you can buy package tours, where you will get a spot at the camp site and transport from multiple danish cities including Copenhagen and Aarhus.  

You can choose to only book a spot at the campsite without the transport.  

You can book your packagetour here.

Or you can book a spot for your tent here. 


Folkecampen is Folkemødet’s own camp site which is placed cloesed to the festival site. With tenthouses, cabins and the possibility to bring your own tent. 

Folkecampen are sold out. 

Other types of accommodation  

There is a lot of different accommodation possibilities across the island of Bornholm. You can see an overview here 

Please contact if you need help with accomodation or want to learn more about the Folkemøde campsites. 

Food at the festival 

Bornholm is known for its many specialties and delicious fresh ingredients. Many of Bornholm's restaurants cook from scratch and offer tasty gourmet experiences. In Allinge you can find a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and smokehouses. 

In addition to Allinge's restaurants, there are also many pop-up restaurants, food trucks and small bars to find all around the festival site. 

Vegetarian and vegan options are widely available at the festival.