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Folkemødet 2021 is coming

Folkemødet 2021 is going to be a different form of festival. Read more about our work up until summer 2021. On the 5th November, we’ll present the frame for next year’s Folkemødet.

Folkemødet will take place in the summer of 2021. We’re looking forward to being able to cultivate the democratic conversation that is the essence of Folkemøde in eight months’ time. That is what we, as a society, need.

On November 5th, we will open applications to register for Folkemødet 2021. We are currently in the process of creating a Main Stage in Allinge with party leader speeches, debates and the Dialogue Prize award ceremony, and we are looking forward to welcoming our many co-organisers to Allinge and experiencing the exciting and engaging events they are in the process of developing. But next year’s Folkemødet will not be business as usual.

We are, of course, developing Folkemødet 2021 on a Corona-safe basis that prioritises public health: this means a more flexible Folkemødet, one in which we must adapt to the rules and circumstances that will apply next year. Before anything else, the current COVID-19 restrictions banning large assemblies must be lifted before we can hold any large events in Allinge.

At present, it is impossible to say what the rules for large events will be like in June next year – and we hope you as the festival’s co-hosts, partners and participants understand this. But we are already working hard to prepare a flexible Folkemødet in Allinge with initiatives that can create a safe and secure environment. Among other safeguards, there will be much more space between guests and events, seating, possible limitations on the number of physical activities in Allinge, the involvement of new areas, participant registration and audience limits – all developed in close dialogue with the authorities. In addition, we will offer new digital opportunities that can help spread democratic dialogue even further, even if we do not get the opportunity to meet in as large numbers as we usually do.

On Thursday 5th November, Foreningen Folkemødet will present the different options for participation in Folkemødet 2021, as well as setting out a number of deadlines that ensure the greatest possible degree of flexibility in a rapidly changing time. This will ensure that you as an organiser can assess how you want to participate in Folkemødet 2021 and are informed about when decisions will be made about any adjustments. It is also to ensure that you do not have to commit yourselves to any large expenses on an uncertain basis.

We will inform you by email, newsletter and on our website on the 5th November 2020, when we will open registration for the Folkemødet 2021. During registration you will be able to choose between different options of how you want to participate in next year’s festival. Registration takes place as always via Folkemødets Selvbetjening.

We are grateful for the support already shown for next year’s Folkemødet, and the continued support for the entire project of creating space for democratic dialogue – especially in times of crisis.