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Allinge is the heart of Folkemødet, even in 2021

Planning for Folkemødet 2021 is in full swing, and organisations, businesses and activists can register to host events from november the 5th. But the eventual form and size of Folkemødet in Allinge will first be decided on the 1st March 2021.

The association behind Folkemødet, Foreningen Folkemødet, is looking forward to cultivating the democratic dialogue - the essence of the festival - next summer. This is what we, as a society, need. Foreningen Folkemødet also reiterates that Allinge is the core of Folkemødet, even in 2021.

Planning is in full swing in close cooperation with the authorities in order to hold Folkemødet in Allinge and the immediate surroundings, on a Corona-adapted basis that prioritises public health. Foreningen Folkemødet is currently working on the main stage programme in Allinge with party leader speeches, debates, and the awarding of the Dialogue Prize. TV2 News will cover Folkemødet 2021, including the speeches from political leaders.

Folkemødet is a popular institution in the Danish democratic system. Here both the public and politicians collectively consider solutions to our society’s challenges. Folkemødet has broad participation from both elected officials and leaders in civil society, business and public organisations.


A flexible Folkemøde
In a usual year, this would be the time that Foreningen Folkemødet would present the framework for the coming year’s festival, and hosts could apply for precise locations of events and stages for their activities in Allinge. This year is not a usual year! Under the current COVID-19 circumstances we have had to reassess the way we plan and organise Folkemødet.

Hosts can register to be a part of Folkemødet 2021 from today, and we encourage multiple organisations to work together to create joint debates and events. However, the precise form and size of events in Allinge will first be decided on March 1st. This is the cut-off date that we would like our hosts, partners and participants to plan ahead to.

The Chair of Foreningen Folkemødet, Vibe Klarup, explains

“We would love to gather in Allinge, as we usually do. But at the moment no one knows what the situation in regard to Covid-19 will look like next summer. So we are asking our partners to show understanding in these unprecedented circumstances. We have been in close contact with many of those who co-host Folkemødet with us, and have been met with overwhelming support and understanding for the situation we currently find ourselves in. We are looking forward to continue the dialogue with both co-hosts and the authorities in order to build a Folkemødet focussed on public health in 2021, that can be held under a safe and responsible framework.”

Folkemødet will take place in Allinge
Regardless of Folkemødet’s size in 2021, Allinge will be the centre of Folkemødet. The Mayor of Bornholm, Winni Grosbøll, points out the importance of being able to meet:

“Allinge and Bornholm is the heart of Folkemødet – as it will also be in 2021 and the future. That is important to make clear. But it will be a different Folkemødet. Of course we hope to be able to assemble many participants in a revised and Corona-safe setup, and hopefully that will be possible come summer. Because Folkemødet is important. Our democracy and physical ability to be present with one another is suffering. It is so important to hold on to direct dialogue and real meetings between people.”

A Corona-safe Folkemøde 
Foreningen Folkemødet is working on a series of measures that can ensure that the most important debates and events can take place. With tools such as more space between guests and events, seating, possible limitations on the number of physical events in Allinge, the use of new areas, zone divisions, participant registration and limitations on the number of participants, as well as the introduction of a new digital platform, that can support dialogue and debates if, because of government restrictions, we cannot gather many people in Allinge.

Folkemødet 2021 will be held in Allinge in week 24, on Thursday 17th June, Friday 18th June and closes in the evening of Saturday 19th June. In 2021 there will be no events on Sunday.

• 5th November – 1st December 2020: Registration to Folkemødet 2021 via Folkemødets Selvbetjening.

• 15th December 2020: All registered hosts are sent a message informing them if they are approved as hosts at Folkemødet 2021, giving updated information about the future process, and well as an invitation to a discussion about the physical framework and arrangements in Allinge.

• 1st March 2021: Presentation of the physical arrangements in Allinge for 2021, including form and size.

• 10th March 2021: Hosts that have chosen to participate physically in Allinge can up until the 10th March deregister without being charged area lease costs, tent and structural costs. After this date, the host is liable for the cost of what they have ordered. ​

If you want to be a Folkemøde-organizer, please contact us.