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The CEO of Foreningen Folkemødet resigns - we're hiring

Mads Akselbo Holm has resigned as CEO at Foreningen Folkemødet, the association that organizes the Danish democracy festival, Folkemødet. Foreningen Folkemødet is therefore looking for a new CEO who is passionate about developing democratic dialogue, leading to democratic solutions that support and are supported by the community in Denmark.

Mads Akselbo Holm has been CEO since 2017, when Folkemødet was first organized by the newly formed association, Foreningen Folkemødet. Regarding his position and his time at Folkemøde Mads says:

Beside proposing to my wife, accepting the position of CEO of Folkemødet and moving with my entire family to Bornholm has been the best decision of my life

It has been a great honor to oversee Folkemødet. As an association we have moved Folkemødet far over the last three and a half years, and I believe we have shown how it is possible to think innovatively in terms of format for the democratic conversation. I had looked forward to hosting Folkemødet 2020 alongside all my talented co-workers and the board, but this was unfortunately not possible.” Mads Holm emphasizes that the decision to resign had been made before the cancellation of Folkemødet 2020."

“I was asked to create a professional event organization and we have succeeded in doing so. It has been amazing, fun, challenging, and at times hard, and now I feel that new resources are needed to bring Folkemødet forward” Mads Akselbo Holm has not found any other employment at the moment.

The chairman of the board, Jann Sjursen is sad to lose Mads Akselbo Holm: “We on the board are incredibly grateful for the great effort Mads Akselbo Holm has delivered. I find it sad that Mads will not be part of the team in the future even though I do have great respect for his decision. With his experience Mads has managed to bring Folkemødet to new levels, and we have in the past three and a half year established ourselves as an independent organization with a strong foundation – and Mads has a large share in that.


Looking for a new CEO
Foreningen Folkemødet creates the frame for a celebration of democracy, Folkemødet. The goal is to strengthen Danish democracy by diminishing the distance and increasing the trust between citizens and policymakers.

The association is now looking for a new CEO and is looking for a profile with a passion for and an ability to realize Folkemødet’s high ambitions. A person who can lead both a cause and an organization, and are passionate about developing democratic dialogue. 

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