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Camilla Laudrup announced as new CEO

Previously the Head of Secretariat at DR ultra:bit (an award-winning project focused on youth and technology), Camilla Laudrup will be the new CEO for Foreningen Folkemødet; the association behind Folkemødet. She will take over the post as CEO on the 15th August and today visited the offices in Allinge to meet the secretariatet and the local press.

Foreningen Folkemødet has hired Camilla Laudrup as the new CEO. She will oversee the further development of Folkemødet, and the management of the secretariatet in Allinge. Camilla Laudrup comes from a position as head of secretariat at DR, where she has led some of DR's largest partnership events and citizen-involving projects, most recently the award-winning project ‘ultra: bit’ about children and young people's digital education. She has extensive experience from both public institutions and private organizations and specializes in business management, event development, citizen involvement and partnerships.

Agreement on the board behind the decision
A unanimous board has chosen to hire Camilla Laudrup. The chairman of Foreningen Folkemødet, Jann Sjursen, is aware of what capacities the association has gained in Camilla:

Camilla has with her experience and skills within citizen involvement, management and fundraising, the tools to strengthen and develop Folkemødet. Throughout her career, she has proven that she can lead both a cause and an organization. Likewise, she has impressed us throughout the recruitment process; and we on the board are very much looking forward to the collaboration to create Folkemødet,” 

The mayor of Bornholm Municipality, Winni Grosbøll, also looks forward to the collaboration, and points out the importance of developing and strengthening citizen involvement and Folkemødet:

Folkemødet was started with a desire to reduce the distance between citizens and decisions-makers. An idea that through conversation we can learn more about each other and can enhance mutual understanding. That is why it is so incredibly important that we are constantly evolving and finding new formats for democratic dialogue. Here, I believe that Camilla has the right profile, and I look forward to continuing the close collaboration between Foreningen Folkemødet and the Bornholm Municipality,”.

Camilla Laudrup is looking forward to taking over as CEO of Foreningen Folkemødet
Folkemødet is one of the most important events for our democratic debate in Denmark. It is perhaps more important than ever to have meetings between people with different views on society's challenges and suggestions for solutions. I look forward - together with the Folkemødet's board, the secretariat in Allinge and the many partners - to continue to develop the best frame for democratic dialogue,” says Camilla Laudrup, who looks forward to focus on Folkemødet’s core principles; dialogue, participation and community.


About Camilla
Camilla Laudrup has worked at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR); Denmark’s largest electronic media enterprise and public service organisation comprising television, radio and online services over the last six years. Positions including Head of Secretariat, ultra:bit, Head of Public Outreach Secretariat, Editor and Chief Adviser.

Before working at DR, she held positions as Senior Management at Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/Action Aid Denmark: Director of External Relations (communication, fundraising & public affairs; 20+ employees) and was Head of campaigns at Amnesty International and Senior Adviser to major Danish and international businesses within the fields of healthcare, climate & energy, media & entertainment.