Folkemødet is the Democracy Festival of Denmark. Every year at the idyllic island of Bornholm the festival is the platform for democratic dialogue between civil society, politicians, business, media, universities, and citizens at large.

Unformal meetings between decision makers and citizens
Every year in June, the small town Allinge at the island of Bornholm turns into a large celebration of our democracy. With more than 2000 political events created by 650 different organizations the Democracy Festival of Denmark has become an important democratic event in Denmark with the purpose of creating unformal meetings and dialogue between decision makers and citizens. More than 50,000 citizens, parliamentarians, NGOs, business representatives and grassroots meet up and debate our society and celebrate our democracy during the four-day festival in June. The events happen all over the small town – on the boats in the habour, at open air stages, in small or large tents and in local restaurants. There is no entrance fee to any events.
In 2023, the Democracy Festival, is held from Thursday the 15th of June to Saturday the 17th of June.

Opening speech by the Prime Minister of Denmark
The Prime Minister of Denmark always holds the opening speech at the main stage of Folkemødet and during the four days-festival political leaders of all political parties represented in Danish Parliament will also be key speakers on the main stage.

The Democracy Festival of Denmark is composed of various events covering a broad variety of topics – From Energy and Climate to Health, Education and International Politics. All events are created by societal stakeholders.

How to make events at Folkemødet
The Danish NGO, Foreningen Folkemødet, is the organisation that organize the festival in cooperation with the municipality of Bornholm. In order to participate with events at Folkemødet, you apply by contacting Foreningen Folkemødet every year in November.

Events in English
The majority of events are in Danish, yet the thematic area ‘Green & Global’ (in Danish: ‘Grønt & Globalt’) is hosted by a broad variety of organizations, which facilitate lots of events in English. Furthermore, several other organisazions at the festival offer events for English speaking. Please check out the programme site – search under ‘Sprog’ (which means ‘Language’ in Danish) and click ‘Engelsk’ (which means ‘English’) – then you will find more than 90 events in English.

Press center
Are you visiting Folkemødet and producing editorial coverage? Journalists, photographers, and communication staff can be accredited to Folkemødets press center located near the main stage. Please contact Head of Communication, Pelle Nybirk, for further information: 

For further information about Folkemødet, please contact
Foreningen Folkemødet
Sverigesvej 1 – 3770 Allinge
Phone: +45 5650 3770